Social Media Workshop Wien | Mehr Kunden und Umsatz durch Social Media Marketing
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Online Yoga

In the Social Strategy Labs, the focus is   per workshop on a specific industry. 

In our social media lab for healthpreneurs, you will learn in a group of like-minded people,  

what is important in health marketing in social media. 


How  you find a target group  and how health, exercise and nutrition can be marketed via social media? 

In our workshops you will learn how to confidently and authentically communicate your service to potential customers and build a trustworthy brand. 

You want to increase awareness and reach and are a health entrepreneur in the field of fitness, yoga or Pilates  teacher, life coach:in,  midwife, _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Dentist, nutritionist, couples therapist, dietician, health coach, etc. 

We have already been able to help countless companies from the health sector to position themselves successfully and to build up their customer base. 


Let us put you on our email list without obligation and we will inform you as soon as the next workshop is coming up.  

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