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Favart Productions | Social Media & Video 
Owner: Christina Selwicka MA.


Company address:

Ottakringerstrasse 149, 
1160 Vienna, 

Object of the company: multimedia agency
VAT number: ATU12345678

Phone: +4369917197476


wow! unfiltered OG



Object of the company: Video production & social media agency
VAT number: ATU74135802
Company registration number: 507531w

Commercial register court: Commercial Court of Vienna
Company headquarters: Adolf-Czettel-Gasse 7/62, 1160 Vienna

Phone: +436647813044

State of award: Austria
Authorized Partners
Claudia Ziegler


Information obligation according to §5 e-commerce law, §14 company code, §63 trade regulations and disclosure obligation according to §25 media law.


Chamber: Vienna Chamber of Commerce: FG advertising and market communication
Professional law: trade regulations: FG advertising and market communication

Supervisory authority/commercial authority: Vienna City Council - Municipal District Office for the 16th district



Job Title: Creative Director | Social Media Director | producer
State of award: Austria

Pictures and video evidence

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©Patrick Favre-Bulle 

© Carmen Trappenberg Photography

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The images, photos and graphics on this website are protected by copyright

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